Volume 1, January 2014

Scaffolding Language; Identifying Communicative Purposes: A Genre-Based Approach to Enhance Writing [3 – 9]
Ding Eng Na

Beverage Learning Through Edutainment Competitions with Special Reference to Immersion Methodologypractices [10 – 18]
Ronald Willie Binati,  Souji Gopalakrishna Pillai

An Assessment of Human Resource Development Climate (HRDC)- In Multispecialty Health Care Hospitals [19 -30]
D.Raja Jebasingh

The Influence of Destination Image on Short-Stay Tourist’s Perception [31 – 52]
Hanafi Hamzah,   Mohamad Jindra Aris

Job Satisfaction Dimensions and Organizational Commitment in Selected Budget Hotels as Correlates of Turnover Intentions: The Case of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. [53 – 60]
Gudelia C. Saporna,    Smitha Geetha.,    Ryan A. Claveria

The Process and Impact of Coastal Tourism Development: The Case of Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia. [61 – 68]
Abdul Hamid Abdullah
Perception of Inbound Tourists from India about Tourism Services in Malaysia [69 – 80]
Sarat Kumar Lenka,    Sudipta Kiran Sarkar

Marketing Malaysia as a Tourism Destination; The Influence of Marketing Mix Variables on Tourist Travel Pattern [81 – 95]
Rajesvare Rada

Organisational Climate and Teacher Commitment: A Brunei Perspective. [96 – 111]
Chung Jee Fenn