Volume 12, July 2019

Factors Influencing Purchase Intention Among Malaysians In Selecting Airbnb Accommodation [3-14]
Aw Kae Woon, Ch’ng Chor Ban
A Conceptual Framework For Innovation Traits And Acceptance Of The Adoption Of Blockchain In The Stockbroking Industry [15-29]
Soon Wai Leong
The Relationship Between Brand Equty And Food Trucks In Klang Valley, Malaysia. [30-45]
Gobinath Selvanayagam, Suresh Raj Muhmurti
Tourist Satisfaction With Visit Of Lushan Mountain [46-55]
Chen Cui, Guan Jiang Hua, Ye Jun
Factors Influencing Consumers’ Intention To Use McDonald’s Self-Service Kiosks In Klang Valley [56-77]
Tsai Hsin Yang, Smitha Geetha
Brand Equity In Selecting A Private Higher Education Institution In Klang Valley [78-89]
Suresh Raj Muhmurti, Gobinath Selvanayagam
An Exploratory Study On First Semester Students’ Usage Of Course Networking (Cn) Features [90-101]
Goh Poh Kim, Irene Tan Ai Lian