Volume 5, January 2016

Effect of Distance in the Behavioural Patterns of Long Haul and Short Haul Business Overnight Visitors to Hong Kong [3 – 12]
Sudipta Kiran Sarkar

Students’ Perceptions of the Factors that Enhance Service Quality in Higher Education [13 – 22]
Mazirah Yusoff,   Fraser McLeay

Investigating University Students’ Perception of Online Forum Discussions to Improve Language Proficiency [23 – 36]
Harizah Faiz,   Ong Mei Lin

The Effects Of Perceived Justice On Customer Satisfaction In E-Retailing Service Recovery Strategy [37 – 52]
Venny Shirleen,    Choe Kin Hwa
Factors Motivating Local Travelers Selecting 4 Star Hotels in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia [53 – 62]
Vanessa Kwan Wan Ling,    Haryati Abu Husin

The Implementation of English Medium Instruction in the Education System of National University of Malaysia (UKM) [63 – 75]
Thinusha Selvaraj,    Aishvarya Nair Chandrasekran,    Jayarajoo Santhanam

Exploring Tourists’ Understanding and Experience of Ecotourism [76 – 93]
Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah