Volume 2, July 2014

Criteria for Appointment, Reapointment and Promotion of Academic Staff – Case Study. [3 – 14]
Mae Ho Seok Khen, Walter Wong Chee Keong

The Relevance of MBA Holders in the Eyes of Organizations in Malaysia. [15 – 26]
Muhamad Tariq Bin Ramli

A Comparison on Learning Effectiveness Using Facebook Between Diploma and Degree Students from BERJAYA University College of Hospitality. [27 – 39]
Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong, Dominic Wong

How Much of Blending is Needed to be Efective: Perspective from Lecturers and Students. [40 – 51]
Chan Chang Tik
Nutrient Analysis of Selected Dishes in the Upper East Side Café in the Table D Hote’ Menu, BERJAYA University College of Hospitality. [52 – 58]
Haryati Abu Husin, Aimee Yuho Jeon

The Study on Private Universities’ MBA Programmes and Delivery Methods in Klang Valley, Malaysia. [59 – 67]
Dominic Wong

The Impact of Loyalty Program Tools on Retail Customer Satisfaction in Malaysia. [68 – 80]
Amanda Chin Shu Hwey, Joseph Choe Kin Hwa

Influence of SMS in the Daily Conversation of Students in Higher Insititutions in The Multicultural Malaysia Society. [81 – 94]
Jayarajoo Santhanam, Thinusha Selvaraj

Use of Greetings in Messages from Students to Lecturers at a Hospitality College. [95 – 101]
Harizah Faiz, Ong Mei Lin