Volume 9, January 2018

Factors Affecting Customer’s Intention To Adopt Coalition Loyalty Program In Kuala Lumpur [3 – 19]
Au Yong An Yi,    Choe Kin Hwa

Rhetorical Styles In The Religous Speech On Youtube [20 – 30]
Normaizurah Md. Zain

The Relationship Among Students’ Loyalty, Commitment And Trust In Private University, Malaysia. [31 – 42]
Chris Ong Siew Har,    Ravindran Ramasamy,    Ronald Willie Binati

Career-Oriented Culture Of Smes And Millennial Generation. [43 – 62]
Dileep Kumar M.,    Normala S Govindarajo
Guests’ Acceptance Of Service Robots In Hotels Within Klang Valley, Malaysia. [63 – 72]
Chan Pui Yee,    Vijayan Venggadasallam

The Crisis-Discourse Dialectic: Current Findings And Relevance For The Service Industry [73 – 83]
Antoon De Rycker

The Influence Of Service Quality And Service Recovery On Customer Satisfactions: A Case Study Of Mrt Users In Klang Valley [84 – 100]
Lee Chen Shen,      Andrew Ng Boon Aun

The Experiences Of Malaysian Youth With Korean Cosmetic Product [101 – 114]
Chan Kit Yeng