Volume 4, July 2015

Impact of CSR Event on Consumer Loyalty. [3 – 15]
Kong Yee Yen,    Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Binti Abdullah

Customer Perception Toward Salted Sea Grape Taste : A Preliminary Qualitative Study [16 – 21]
Jochen Kern

Conceptualising the Lecturer as Customer: Establishing Principles Underpinning a New Model for Organising the Tourism, Hospitality and Events School, an Exploratory Paper [22 – 36]
Christopher W. Harris,    Simon Pawson

Online Banking Acceptance Among University Students : An Empirical Investigation [37 – 47]
Joel Tham Kah Marn
University–Industry Partnership for Entrepreneurial Skills. [48 – 55]
Zurainah Musa,   Shaheen Mansori

A Note on Demand Forecast and Determinants of Demand for Tourism; A Case of Beijing, China for the Period : 2011-2015. [56 – 63]
Sudipta Kiran Sarkar

The Impact of Employee Involvement on the Affective Organisational Commitment in Five-Star Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. [64 – 76]
Thao Duong Anh    Choe Kin Hwa

English Language Lecturers Readiness to Accept Usage of the Mobile Learning Technology in Private University Colleges in East Malaysia. [77 – 88]
Jayarajoo Santhanam,    Thinusha Selvaraj,    Aishvarya Nair Chandrasekran