Volume 14, July 2020

Esl Reading Assessment Tool For Preschoolers In Malaysia [3-16]
Ng Shi Hui, Lin Siew Eng, Lee Kam Fong, Mansour Amini
The Critical Review On Article Entitled ‘Central America: The Effect Of Organizational Complexity, Competitive Fears, Budgetary Work Role Importance And Budget Criticality On Budgetary Motivation And Performance’ By Collins, F., Holzmann, O. And Mendoza, R. (1996) [17-23]
Cheok Mui Yee
Stakeholders Of Rural Homestead Circulation: An Exploratory Study Based On Game Theory [24-36]
Guan Jiang Hua, Guan Xue Yu, Chung Jee Fenn
A Study On Factors Influencing Generation Y’s Intention To Visit Shopping Malls In Klang Valley, Malaysia. [37-52]
Alex Chiong Choon Ping, Choe Kin Hwa
The Impact Of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices On Organizational Performance [53-60]
Akram Abdulraqeb Sultan Al-Khaled, Chung Jee Fenn
Determinants Of Wetland Birdwatching Tourism: A Study At Huanggang City, China. [61-76]
Chen Li Jun, Yang Yu Lan, Mao Jia Qin, Chen Cui, Chung Jee Fenn