Volume 10, July 2018

Difference Of Choice In Hotels Selection Between Two Genders [3 – 13]
Ch’ng Chor Ban

Gen Y’s Perspectives On Apparel Website’s Quality And Repurchase Intention [14 – 27]
Tor Hooi Jia

The Influences Of Celebrity Endorsement On Consumers’ Purchase Intention Towards Cosmetic Products [28 – 43]
Lim Chi Yan

The Role Of Social Media On Employee Communication And Empowerment [44 – 59]
Devina Christiana
The Role Of E-Marketing Tools In Attracting Participants For Special Events [60 – 74]
Melanie Gee Kerr Lohh

Restaurant Business And Determinants Of Consumer Behavioral Intensions [75 – 95]
Tan Wen,      Smitha Geetha

Choice Of Language Learning Strategies: A Case Study Of Proficient And Less Proficient EFL Students In The Development Of Speaking Skills Of An Intensive English Programme [96 – 107]
Ong Su Sien,      Dorcas Lam Yarn Pooi,      Persis Dineen Rodrigues