Volume 15, January 2021

An Investigation Of The Use Of Communicative Language Teaching In A Higher Education Institution In China: A Case Study. [3-24]
Lin Siew Eng, Zhao Peidong.
The Impact Of Industrial Revolution 4.0 On Television Content Production And Broadcasting In Malaysia: Challenges And Opportunities. [25-36]
Raja Ridzuan Bin Raja Azhar.
Censorship Of Film Violence: Its Perceived Effect On Anti-Social Youth Behaviour. [37-51]
Jessica Sim Khai Yin.
A Comprehensive Evaluation Of County Tourism Development Level In Huanggang, China. [52-63]
Chen Cui, Tan Zi Ying & Chung Jee Fenn.
Hospitality Students Working Intention In The Hospitality Industry: A Case Study In Berjaya University College Malaysia. [64-78]
Ho Yun Ying & Gobinath A/ L S. Selvanayagam.