Volume 11, January 2019

Factors That Influence Brand Loyalty Among Smartphone Users In Klang Valley [3 – 22]
Low En Yu,      Andrew Ng Boon Aun

Investigating Student’s Cognizance In Utilising Course Syllabus Information Booklet In Their Learning Process [23 – 36]
Vijayan Venggadasallam,      Muhd Iqbal Makmur

Does Social Work Education Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Among Teenagers’ In Colleges? [37 – 51]
Dileep Kumar M.,      Srota Pandya,     Chung Jee Fenn

Consumer Food-Choice Behaviour Model [52 – 68]
Dileep Kumar M.,      Normala S Govindarajo,      Chung Jee Fenn
How Far Can Your Master’s Degree Take You? Perceptions And Preferences Of 4-Star And 5-Star Hotels In Kuala Lumpur Towards Recruiting And Selecting Master’s Fresh Graduate (In Hospitality) To Assume A Supervisory Position [69 – 81]
Reuben Y.S. Chen.

Examining Factors Influencing Consumer Choice Of Shopping Mall: A Case Study Of Shopping Mall In Klang Valley, Malaysia. [82 – 102]
Hor Cai Ying,      Andrew Ng Boon Aun

Technology Acceptance Model And Digital Literacy Of Firstyear Students In A Private Institution Of Higher Learning In Malaysia [103 – 116]
Tung An Gie,      Chung Jee Fenn